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An iPhone 7 clone compared with the iPhone 6S

An iPhone 7 clone  is compared to the iPhone 6 in a video clip appeared during the day on the Internet, the source clone is of course China, a country where there is a culture very well developed to copy other companies’ products, as is normal for an economy developing.

Unlike everything we have seen in recent days on the Internet, today we see a clone of the iPhone 7 that cost 150 dollars and that is compared to an iPhone 6 to show us how large or small the differences are that users are going to when they see will buy, or just test the new smartphone.

IPhone 7 clone of the video below was made with a casing made based on drawings of factories partners Apple, so theoretically we should show quite clearly what is expected to offer American company in the new device, being completely functional, like an iPhone 6 or 6S.

You can see that this iPhone 7 clone has a casing that looks exactly like the ones we’ve seen in so many pictures, or even a few videos that appeared lately on the internet so you will not see anything new from this point view, but a clearer presentation of what you already know.

Given that these iPhone 7 clones is already selling in China I do not think it will take very long until we see in Europe the first specimens, they are cheap enough that it can be bought about by any interested person to make a comparison between an “iPhone 7” and an iPhone 6S.

Although we do not see a real terminal in pictures, I have said repeatedly that it would be good to get used to the design of the iPhone 7, because that will give us Apple.

Four Installous alternatives for you iDevice

For the many users of jailbroken iPhones, iPads or any other iDevices out there, Installous probably has been the most used platform to download third party applications. Unfortunately, Installous has been closed, and people are trying to find new alternatives.

Here are 4 substitutes which you can use:

AppCake is the most popular Cydia tweak out there and probably the most similar to Installous. You need to install AppSync first in order for it to work. Follow the steps below if you want to install it.

1.Open Cydia

2.Go to Manage > Sources > Add

3.Now type in

4.Now Search for AppCake and install it.

vShare is very similar to Installous as well, and it allows you to install apps very easily. However, you need to install AppSync first by adding this repo .

If you want AppCake download, follow these easy steps:

1.First you have to download AppSync by opening Cydia.

2.Now go to Manage > Sources > Edit > Add

3.Then type in

4.Now search AppSync which has the same version as your iDevice and install it.

5.Search for vShare on Cydia and install it.

AppCake 1

IPAStore is another alternative in which you can browse,download and install your apps. This one will need AppSync as well. The apps in IPAStore are categorized so you will be able to find them a lot easier. You can easily know which are the featured apps or find information about new updates.

Lastly, iFanbux, which can be very useful if you want to transfer data from your iDevice to your MAC or PC. With this one you can install third party applications directly to your device. To install it, simply go to Cydia, tap on Manage, Sources, Edit then Add. Here you add your repo and you’re done.

New Games We Love – the best games for iPhone and iPad Featured by Apple

Games We Love is a section of applications available for some time in the Apple App Store, it is listed in the most important weekly updates us the most popular games of the App Store.

Currently section lists dozens of the most popular games available in the App Store, much of which was launched shortly after by their developers.

Given that several weeks of days employees to choose Apple put all the applications that are promoted in these sections of the App Store, you can be sure that whatever you choose to download the application, it will be suitable for your needs.

Section was conceived the idea of allowing a new promotion of securities that may have been out of the spotlight lately, she is welcome to.


Nougat Android was announced by Google

Android Nougat is the name of the new version of Android to be launched in 2016 by Google.

Android Nougat is the name that Google has chosen for the next version of the operating system for smartphones and tablets, the announcement of his election was made this evening, after a long period of deliberation and analysis of names suggested even by regular users.

Although many have thought Nutella could be the name chosen by Google, considering that in the past has worked with KitKat for a launch in final Android Nougat will be called version launched this year by the American company, it It is quite unusual, like the others.

Android Nougat or Android Nougat, not at the moment a certain date for the launch, Google doing just the announcement of naming without notifying you going to give manufacturers of smartphones and tablets final version of the operating system in to launch updates for its

Android Nougat will fight with iOS 10 this fall, and its launch could take place in a period close to that chosen by Apple, Google organizing the conference presentation to a few weeks before the Cupertino, and launch may be adjusted to the same.

iOS 9 Hidden Keyboard Features

Unlike the most popular understanding iOS 9 upgrade goes way beyond to simply adding new look to the mobile operating system. Along with the several large attributes the software update also adds many small but useful attributes that may go undetected if you’re not searching for them. Among the various useful features iOS 9 brings is the inclusion of new skills and shortcuts in iOS 9 computer keyboard.

In this short article we’ll inform you of the hidden top features of iPad and iPhone computer keyboard you don’t understand about.keyboard

Inclusion of unique keys in specific programs

twitter email computer keyboard

Apple has configured the onscreen keyboard in iOS 9 that empowers it to reveal applicable keys to an individual in accordance with the program he/she is using. For example in the email program you’ll see the @ button now show up in the primary computer keyboard and also you don’t need to press the 123 button to get it. This @ button isn’t section of the primary Messages computer keyboard mainly as it’s not used as frequently for the reason that program as it’s found in the email program. By making the computer keyboard intelligent enough Apple has taken complete benefit of the onscreen keyboard as the keys are fixed according to users need in this scenario. For those who have attentively observed the keynote of the first iPhone Steve Jobs back in 2007 mentioned this very edge of the onscreen iPhone computer keyboard.

Add symbols or characters immediately with long pat

iOS 9 computer keyboard symbols

That is valid for both money symbols and accented characters. To include money symbols exploit to the 123 button after which tap and hold to the $ icon. This may unveil numerous other popular currency signs you could add. Recall in the event your home is outside the United States for example in the UK you’ll see L indication in the key button and taping with this button will show other currency signs.

For accentuated characters tap and hold to the letter of the applicable button. Thus to add or other characters you may need to tap and hold to the e button. To input the upper case sort of the character just press the caps lock button after which pat on hold on the button.

Usually if you must input a punctuation signal such as ? or ! You must pat to the 123 button after which from your amount way of the computer keyboard pat in the punctuation sign button. That is not an ideal method to do it since it’s necessary to pat to the 123 button once more so that you can go back to the alphabet style of the computer keyboard. Here’s a better method to get it done. You must slip around the display without lifting you finger. When you get to the button of the sign just lift your finger. Now your symbol will soon be input as well as the computer keyboard will automatically go back to the abc way with no need of you pressing the 123 button again.

Adding the internet extension more readily

If you want to include the internet extension of a URL it is possible to exploit on the .com or sometimes the . This makes opening websites in Safari a whole lot more suitable.

Adding Emoji computer keyboard

The majority of you may have previously heard about this one but for those that haven’t here’s a simple trick that will make messaging to the iPhone much more interesting. iOS has a builtin emoji computer keyboard that allows users to input smileys or emoticons within their chats, e-mails as well as other displays. To be able to activate it just visit Settings > General > Computer Keyboards > Keyboard. From there pat in the Add new Computer Keyboard choice and in the list select emoji. Now to access emoji computer keyboard simply pat to the world icon that ordinarily seems to the 123 button.

So there you go people. All these are a few pretty useful iPad and iPhone keyboard shortcuts which are no simple to locate.

New Cydia version gets bundled with Pangu for iOS 9

If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone or iPad before so that you can put in a variety of striking (albeit unauthorized) programs and tweaks in your iOS apparatus, we’ve got great news.

The Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9 we mentioned lately now boats using the Cydia Installer bundled in, plus the Cydia Installer itself has additionally received a helpful upgrade making some fascinating and, for some, unsatisfactory changes.

English support can also be incoming, also, in accordance with the people on the other side of the jailbreak option, meaning well see a more fully fledged variant of Pangu appear for iOS 9 users in the not too distant future.

Second, nevertheless, the Cydia Installer has really received an upgrade to 1.1.23.

Besides this, Cydia Installers 1.1.23 upgrade has brought a variety of additional bug fixes, also. Well keep you updated with additional advice in the jailbreak scene as we receive it.

For the time being, see: Ellen DeGeneres starts Ellentube program for viewing and sharing family-friendly videos, Surgeon Simulator now allows you to perpetrate medical malpractice in your iPhone, and starts new Intro program for sharing digital business cards.

Get Free Apps from Cydia

For all the iPhone fans and fanatics who got their hands on the latest version of iPhone recently, which is the 5s, today is your lucky day, because you will figure out just how easy is to use the Cydia App Store to download Cydia apps for free.  The Cydia App Store has a lot of things in common with the Apple App Store, if not most things, with a few exceptions sush as the source of apps  and their number, and also, a pretty big difference being the price of apps. Even if you are a very big fan of the Apple concept, you still want to give it a hint of yourself and customize the look of your iPhone 5s, and with the Cydia App and Apptrackr you can do that for free, and also get hundreds of apps which usually are not allowed in the Apple App Store. apptrackr

Another plus to using the Cydia App Store is that you can download for free a lot of paid games and apps. The only trick is that to do so, you need to jailbreak your iOS device, and from then on you can use Cydia  as much as you want to achieve your goals. Now, if you’ve already jailbreaked your phone, and you don’t know quite how to use Cydia to download the apps you want, surely these following steps are going to be very useful for you.

What is Cydia?

First and foremost, it is very important to know and understand what Cydia is. Lets start by saying that Cydia is a software that will allow you to install third-party apps to your iOs device. Cydia App Store is the place where every developer in the world is allowed to develop and obviously upload his apps, containing thousands and thousands of apps, mods, wallpapers, games, ringtones and tweaks, pretty much everything your phone needs. Cydia is also viewed as the best alternative for the Apple App Store, with over one million users from all around the world.

How you can download Cydia

Now this step is really easy, meaning that you can download and install  Cydia to an iOS device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod with touch  as soon as the iOS7 jailbreak is released.  The best part is that almost all of the jailbreaking tools come with Cydia so you can use any of the following tools or programs to automatically install cydia during your jailbreaking process : Redsn0w,Evasi0n, Absinthe, Seas0npass, P0sixspwn, AppTrackr or JailbreakMe. These are just a very few examples of what there is available on the market, and also, while some of the jailbreak tools are for free, some of the are not.

How you can Update Cydia

With every day that passes by, the technology is advancing more and more and at the same time changing, but it is not that hard to keep up with it or at least try. If your Cydia needs updating or if it is out dated, you will be seeing a message appearing on your screen when opening Cydia saying “Upgrade Essential”. The only thing you have to do is tap on that button and just let your iOS device do its job and wait, this being the easiest possible way for you to update the latest version of Cydia.

How you can reinstall Cydia.

For some reasons, or for no reasons, there is a slight possibility that Cydia might not function or crash when opening it. The wise thing to do in this case will be to reinstall it so the next step will be for you to go to Saurik official website and just download the latest Cydia DEB file, this being the fastest way to get your Cydia Installer for free. Next you will have to just connect your iOS device to your PC and simply drag it to your device at the following path /private/var/mobile/documents/ then all you have to do is to access the DEB file from your device, just tap on the Installer button and then it will reinstall itself.

How you can add Cydia Sources/Repository

The way to ass a Cydia Source or a Cydia repo, is by opening up Cydia and just Tap Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add -> Enter the APT URL -> Add Source ->Return to Cydia. After all this you can now train yourself by just adding one of the most desired Cydia repo, that being AppAddict

How you can install free Cydia Apps?

For a very long period of time, the top rated program for free apps was Installous but that doesn’t exist anymore, regardless, there are still a lot of other alternatives for getting free apps such as the following?AppCake,?HipStore,Zeusmos,?vShare,?Kuaiyong,iFunbox,?Pandaapp,?Apptrackr, and many more others. The cool thing about Kuaiyong is that it gives you free apps without having to jailbreak, but as far as AppCake, Zeusmos, HipStore, and vShare are concerned,before you can use Cydia you will be needing to add the repository to it. Last but not least, iFunbox and Pandaapp are both two amazing portals that allow you to install apps from the web.

Best Control Center Cydia Tweaks

It’s astonishing how fast and committed iOS devs have been after the jailbreak was launched. A lot many tweaks need upgrading but the going has been great up to now.

The tweaks are certainly fine and operate great on iPhones and iPads (working iOS 8.x.)
#1. CC Desepatator

CC Desepatator is a fantastic tweak that removes the separator lines to the Control Center.

Repo: BigBoss | Cost: Free

#2. CCBackground

CCBackground is a fantastic tweak which makes your iPhones Control Center colourful by allowing you to add a custom backdrop to it. That is for people who enjoy extreme customization because deciding the proper background to your CC may be catchy. It’s possible for you to customize the background by placing an picture, design, etc.

Repo: BigBoss | Cost: Free

#3. Polus

Polus is undoubtedly, an amazing tweak which lets you personalize the Control Center of your iPhone/iPad commonly.

The tweak may also place Activator activities for every rapid launching shortcut. It’s possible for you to place many gestures like water faucet or tap & hold to gain access to a fast start shortcut.

Repo: BigBoss | Cost: $0.99

#4. CCHide

CCHide is a straightforward tweak that does what the name implies: conceal particular elements of the Control Center. That is for people whod like to conceal some sections in the Control Center and allow it to be a lot more minimal/simplistic. No large settings here: simply install it and conceal sections in the Control Center.

Repo: BigBoss | Cost: Free

#5. CCSliders

CCCSliders is an incredibly useful tweak. It is also possible to enable/disable the sliders.

Repo: Private | Cost: Free

More apps with Cydia

unfoldThere are a lot of apps in App Store but most of them are not free. If you like to compare Cydia store to app store you will be surprised to see a big percentage of free apps. That’s because in cydia there are no guidelines to be meet. Apple is very strict when it comes to publishing apps, no wonder the phone is strict and you need to jailbreak so you can benefit from other unofficial third party apps.

So to cut to the chaise today I am going to present you a short list of free cydia apps and tweaks for your device. First on our list is CyDelete. A tweak that eases the way you uninstall cydia apps. Until this app the uninstalling could be done only from cydia. No you can remove your app just like those that came from App Store.

FolderEnhancer is interesting tweak that removes the limitation of items per folder. You could even place folders in a folder. This way you will not have problems organizing any of your apps.


SBSettings gives you the opportunity to manage your device settings. With it you can turn on or off your 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is easy to launch just by tapping or swiping the status bar.

Unfold is a tweak brings a new style of unlocking your device. You can unlock your device either vertical or horizontal.


If you are that kind of guy that spends a lot of time texting you will find iSwipe interesting. Some of you may know it from Android running devices. Well iSwipe will help you type without lifting your finger from the keyboard. The only thing you need to do is to glide from letter to letter and let word prediction do the work.

There many more cydia packages out there but these depend by the cydia repos you have installed on your device.

Viber’s Quick Reply available in Cydia

Are you a follower of the BiteSMS jailbreak tweak, but favor utilizing solutions other than iMessage or SMS to send out contents to your good friends? Back in June, Delicious Inc. released Quick Reply for WhatsApp; which essentially delivered BiteSMS’s quick reply pane to WhatsApp’s alerts. Today, on the heels of the launch of the evasi0n jailbreak, the developers behind BiteSMS bring a comparable tweak to Viber in iOS 5 and iOS 6.

Viber is one more cross system messaging app that permits users to make complimentary calls, in addition to send texts and photos. The initial application operates in between iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, and Bada. It’s a free of charge option platform that works along with every significant smartphone on the marketplace. Viber is expanding in popularity, so it’s ready for a jailbreak tweak of its very own.

quick reply viber

While Quick Reply for Viber will certainly appear acquainted if you make use of BiteSMS, like Quick Reply for WhatsApp, it does not presently consist of all BiteSMS features. Currently it just includes the core Quick Reply pop-up pane, accessible from any sort of Viber notice.

Based on Delicious Inc.’s Frequently Asked Question page, landscape, quick compose, multimedia, and configurable buttons are planned for future application. These attributes are additionally planned for Quick Reply for WhatsApp, but half a year later these components still have not been featured, so don’t hold your breath.

Quick Reply for Viber features a free of cost 7-day trial, with a yearly cost of $1.99.

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