Android Nougat is the name of the new version of Android to be launched in 2016 by Google.

Android Nougat is the name that Google has chosen for the next version of the operating system for smartphones and tablets, the announcement of his election was made this evening, after a long period of deliberation and analysis of names suggested even by regular users.

Although many have thought Nutella could be the name chosen by Google, considering that in the past has worked with KitKat for a launch in final Android Nougat will be called version launched this year by the American company, it It is quite unusual, like the others.

Android Nougat or Android Nougat, not at the moment a certain date for the launch, Google doing just the announcement of naming without notifying you going to give manufacturers of smartphones and tablets final version of the operating system in to launch updates for its

Android Nougat will fight with iOS 10 this fall, and its launch could take place in a period close to that chosen by Apple, Google organizing the conference presentation to a few weeks before the Cupertino, and launch may be adjusted to the same.