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Four Installous alternatives for you iDevice

For the many users of jailbroken iPhones, iPads or any other iDevices out there, Installous probably has been the most used platform to download third party applications. Unfortunately, Installous has been closed, and people are trying to find new alternatives.

Here are 4 substitutes which you can use:

AppCake is the most popular Cydia tweak out there and probably the most similar to Installous. You need to install AppSync first in order for it to work. Follow the steps below if you want to install it.

1.Open Cydia

2.Go to Manage > Sources > Add

3.Now type in

4.Now Search for AppCake and install it.

vShare is very similar to Installous as well, and it allows you to install apps very easily. However, you need to install AppSync first by adding this repo .

If you want AppCake download, follow these easy steps:

1.First you have to download AppSync by opening Cydia.

2.Now go to Manage > Sources > Edit > Add

3.Then type in

4.Now search AppSync which has the same version as your iDevice and install it.

5.Search for vShare on Cydia and install it.

AppCake 1

IPAStore is another alternative in which you can browse,download and install your apps. This one will need AppSync as well. The apps in IPAStore are categorized so you will be able to find them a lot easier. You can easily know which are the featured apps or find information about new updates.

Lastly, iFanbux, which can be very useful if you want to transfer data from your iDevice to your MAC or PC. With this one you can install third party applications directly to your device. To install it, simply go to Cydia, tap on Manage, Sources, Edit then Add. Here you add your repo and you’re done.

Nougat Android was announced by Google

Android Nougat is the name of the new version of Android to be launched in 2016 by Google.

Android Nougat is the name that Google has chosen for the next version of the operating system for smartphones and tablets, the announcement of his election was made this evening, after a long period of deliberation and analysis of names suggested even by regular users.

Although many have thought Nutella could be the name chosen by Google, considering that in the past has worked with KitKat for a launch in final Android Nougat will be called version launched this year by the American company, it It is quite unusual, like the others.

Android Nougat or Android Nougat, not at the moment a certain date for the launch, Google doing just the announcement of naming without notifying you going to give manufacturers of smartphones and tablets final version of the operating system in to launch updates for its

Android Nougat will fight with iOS 10 this fall, and its launch could take place in a period close to that chosen by Apple, Google organizing the conference presentation to a few weeks before the Cupertino, and launch may be adjusted to the same.

Best Control Center Cydia Tweaks

It’s astonishing how fast and committed iOS devs have been after the jailbreak was launched. A lot many tweaks need upgrading but the going has been great up to now.

The tweaks are certainly fine and operate great on iPhones and iPads (working iOS 8.x.)
#1. CC Desepatator

CC Desepatator is a fantastic tweak that removes the separator lines to the Control Center.

Repo: BigBoss | Cost: Free

#2. CCBackground

CCBackground is a fantastic tweak which makes your iPhones Control Center colourful by allowing you to add a custom backdrop to it. That is for people who enjoy extreme customization because deciding the proper background to your CC may be catchy. It’s possible for you to customize the background by placing an picture, design, etc.

Repo: BigBoss | Cost: Free

#3. Polus

Polus is undoubtedly, an amazing tweak which lets you personalize the Control Center of your iPhone/iPad commonly.

The tweak may also place Activator activities for every rapid launching shortcut. It’s possible for you to place many gestures like water faucet or tap & hold to gain access to a fast start shortcut.

Repo: BigBoss | Cost: $0.99

#4. CCHide

CCHide is a straightforward tweak that does what the name implies: conceal particular elements of the Control Center. That is for people whod like to conceal some sections in the Control Center and allow it to be a lot more minimal/simplistic. No large settings here: simply install it and conceal sections in the Control Center.

Repo: BigBoss | Cost: Free

#5. CCSliders

CCCSliders is an incredibly useful tweak. It is also possible to enable/disable the sliders.

Repo: Private | Cost: Free

More apps with Cydia

unfoldThere are a lot of apps in App Store but most of them are not free. If you like to compare Cydia store to app store you will be surprised to see a big percentage of free apps. That’s because in cydia there are no guidelines to be meet. Apple is very strict when it comes to publishing apps, no wonder the phone is strict and you need to jailbreak so you can benefit from other unofficial third party apps.

So to cut to the chaise today I am going to present you a short list of free cydia apps and tweaks for your device. First on our list is CyDelete. A tweak that eases the way you uninstall cydia apps. Until this app the uninstalling could be done only from cydia. No you can remove your app just like those that came from App Store.

FolderEnhancer is interesting tweak that removes the limitation of items per folder. You could even place folders in a folder. This way you will not have problems organizing any of your apps.


SBSettings gives you the opportunity to manage your device settings. With it you can turn on or off your 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is easy to launch just by tapping or swiping the status bar.

Unfold is a tweak brings a new style of unlocking your device. You can unlock your device either vertical or horizontal.


If you are that kind of guy that spends a lot of time texting you will find iSwipe interesting. Some of you may know it from Android running devices. Well iSwipe will help you type without lifting your finger from the keyboard. The only thing you need to do is to glide from letter to letter and let word prediction do the work.

There many more cydia packages out there but these depend by the cydia repos you have installed on your device.

Viber’s Quick Reply available in Cydia

Are you a follower of the BiteSMS jailbreak tweak, but favor utilizing solutions other than iMessage or SMS to send out contents to your good friends? Back in June, Delicious Inc. released Quick Reply for WhatsApp; which essentially delivered BiteSMS’s quick reply pane to WhatsApp’s alerts. Today, on the heels of the launch of the evasi0n jailbreak, the developers behind BiteSMS bring a comparable tweak to Viber in iOS 5 and iOS 6.

Viber is one more cross system messaging app that permits users to make complimentary calls, in addition to send texts and photos. The initial application operates in between iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, and Bada. It’s a free of charge option platform that works along with every significant smartphone on the marketplace. Viber is expanding in popularity, so it’s ready for a jailbreak tweak of its very own.

quick reply viber

While Quick Reply for Viber will certainly appear acquainted if you make use of BiteSMS, like Quick Reply for WhatsApp, it does not presently consist of all BiteSMS features. Currently it just includes the core Quick Reply pop-up pane, accessible from any sort of Viber notice.

Based on Delicious Inc.’s Frequently Asked Question page, landscape, quick compose, multimedia, and configurable buttons are planned for future application. These attributes are additionally planned for Quick Reply for WhatsApp, but half a year later these components still have not been featured, so don’t hold your breath.

Quick Reply for Viber features a free of cost 7-day trial, with a yearly cost of $1.99.

How to monitor the status of your downloads

Allow me to present you fine people to ProgressPercent. It’s a brand-new jailbreak tweak that shows a portion sign under the icon of the present application you’re downloading.

The tweak is unnoticeable. When you’ve installed it, you will not understand it exists unless you are downloading an application, or pop into the Settings application. There’s merely one option below, which’s to disable it.

progresspercentI have to state that the tweak works as promoted. When downloading an app, a portion sign appeared listed here its icon on my Springtime board (see over). And it seemed to be ideal in line with the progression bar.

Bad news though for anyone who makes use of Springtomize or yet another tweak to conceal their icon tags– it doesn’t operate. I had to unhide my icon tags to see the portion sign, which is awful considering my setup.

In the long run, I’m completely great utilizing the inbuilt progress bar to see the status of my app downloads. However I make sure there are some folks, who don’t want to hide their icon tags, which will find the tweak practical.

If you’re interested, you may discover ProgressPercent in the BigBoss repo, in Cydia, free of charge.

WeeCloseApps another kill background apps

The activity switcher tray is a truly helpful function of iOS, as it enables you to browse amongst several applications at a fast rate. Nonetheless, its convenience reduces as the variety of applications in it boosts. If you have a ton of applications in the activity switcher tray, you will certainly need to invest even more time seeking the one you in fact wish to resume making use of, which is why it is very important to maintain the job switcher reasonably clean. There are several Cydia tweaks which permit you get rid of background applications in mass, like the recently dealt with KillBackground for instantly maintaining the Application Switcher tray clean, as well as there are also some Notification Center widgets that serve the objective like WeeKillBackground. WeeCloseApps is yet another Notification Center widget which permits you wipe out background applications, yet aside from that, it gives some added features also, as well as has a processed user interface.

The tweak may be set up so regarding reject the NC systematically whenever you execute a kill task, as well as you would make it easy for that by toggling on the alternative noted Auto Dismiss NC. A beautiful helpful tweak, as well as totally free, jailbroken iOS individuals could offer it a shot by visiting the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store.

Ported functions from OS X Lion Safari to mobile Safari

Safari for iOS has actually consistently captivated Apple customers as well as its backside on preferred requirement as SwipeSafari a brand-new jailbreak tweak that guarantees to incorporate a number of excellent attributes to the exact same.

Download and also install SwipeSafari as well as maximize an amount of multi-touch motions in the small-screen Safari. You can easily even pull the application’s screen in one path to carry out an activity. In brief, you can easily set up such actions in the Settings application, in reality SwipeSafari incorporates a brand-new panel, through which the tweak could be readjusted.

All in all, Swipe Safari delivers Operating System X Lion’s Safari navigation to the tiny screen, along with a bunch of additional strengthened possibilities and also capacities.

Right here’s one more intriguing reality to this jailbreak news. SwipeSafari besides being a straightforward application is likewise instead like previously discharged FullScreen for Safari, an additional jailbreak tweak that includes motions to the Safari application.

Remarkably, FullScreen for Safari enables you to manage mobile Safari utilizing your cherished multi-touch motions, i.e. you merely have to map 2 and also three-finger motions to handle mobile Safari. So, you may seamlessly specify it up to switch over tabs when swiping up via the screen, return and also onward, refresh as well as also convert to full screen.

Also both the Safari tweaks have actually been valued instead also the same with SwipeSafari being readily available in the Cydia Shop for $ 1.50 (half-price for a restricted time just), while FullScreen for Safari is offered for $ 1.49 as well as that also on minimal time package.

While SwipeSafari has actually been much treasured for its clean user interface, there have actually likewise been a couple of sweetened trepidations that the tweak isn’t really all that stable.

SwipeSafari is right now accessible at the Cydia’s BigBoss repo for an extremely affordable rate of $ 1.50.