An iPhone 7 clone¬† is compared to the iPhone 6 in a video clip appeared during the day on the Internet, the source clone is of course China, a country where there is a culture very well developed to copy other companies’ products, as is normal for an economy developing.

Unlike everything we have seen in recent days on the Internet, today we see a clone of the iPhone 7 that cost 150 dollars and that is compared to an iPhone 6 to show us how large or small the differences are that users are going to when they see will buy, or just test the new smartphone.

IPhone 7 clone of the video below was made with a casing made based on drawings of factories partners Apple, so theoretically we should show quite clearly what is expected to offer American company in the new device, being completely functional, like an iPhone 6 or 6S.

You can see that this iPhone 7 clone has a casing that looks exactly like the ones we’ve seen in so many pictures, or even a few videos that appeared lately on the internet so you will not see anything new from this point view, but a clearer presentation of what you already know.

Given that these iPhone 7 clones is already selling in China I do not think it will take very long until we see in Europe the first specimens, they are cheap enough that it can be bought about by any interested person to make a comparison between an “iPhone 7” and an iPhone 6S.

Although we do not see a real terminal in pictures, I have said repeatedly that it would be good to get used to the design of the iPhone 7, because that will give us Apple.